Transforming Fixed Operations in Automotive Dealerships for Unmatched ROI

Are your production metrics lagging?

Are customer satisfaction scores not meeting expectations?

Is your Effective Labor Rate (ELR) sub-optimal?

Are you struggling with staff adoption of new processes?

Do you feel overwhelmed with underutilized technology?

We drive change
where it matters

With years of experience and a proven track record of success, our services help your business make meaningful change to the areas that matter most in your Fixed Operations. Give us a call today for a no obligation discovery session and see what we can do for your business.


A seamless customer
interaction experience

With a customer interaction process designed specifically for your department, communication and consistency become a priority offering the consumer a world-class experience

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A department
with a purpose

Provide a better experience to employees and clients by helping everyone understand the purpose of the organization to accomplish tasks and processes instead of doing them because “We Have Always Done it That Way”

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Advanced production systems
and alternative scheduling

Increase technician efficiency and production as well as service capacity through the implementation of tried and proven advanced production systems while becoming more flexible with time off for the staff through alternative scheduling.

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We offer a variety of training and coaching programs

Advisor training

Transform your service team with our bespoke Advisor Training. Tailored to each client from one-on-one sessions to large group workshops. We break the cycle of traditional shadow training. Discover a new era of advisor excellence.

Fixed operations analysis

Dive into our most acclaimed service – a comprehensive 4-day Fixed Operation Analysis. Uncover hidden inefficiencies and opportunities with a detailed report and actionable roadmap. Start your journey to operational mastery today.

Management training

Elevate your leadership with our extensive Management Training. From general managers to parts managers, gain in-depth knowledge in fixed operations, finance, recruitment, and more.
Forge the leaders of tomorrow.

Technology implementation

Revolutionize your operations with our Technology Implementation expertise. From DMS optimization to cutting-edge customer contact solutions. We guide you in selecting and utilizing the best technology for your dealership.

Price structuring

Reimagine your pricing strategy with our expert Price Structuring service. Address critical pricing questions and ensure you’re maximizing warranty and customer pay revenues. Transform your financial approach now.

Process implementation

Transform your dealership with our Process Implementation service. Achieve peak operational efficiency through customized innovative strategies that align perfectly with your business goals. Ready to make a lasting impact?

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